clogged drain

Garbage disposals, are the machine that is used most often in your home. This machine is also the one that can have the majority of the problems. More so, when heavily used. While there are some problems easily fixed, some may require a professional. Some people do not have the knowledge, nor the time to repair the disposal.

Problems Often Seen With the Garbage Disposal

The problems that often happen with the garbage disposal, you can sometimes fix on your own. If you are unable to, there are plumbers happy to help. The most common problem, is an object becoming jammed inside of the disposal. This object might be food, or possibly a piece of silverware. At times, the object cannot me moved by you. If this happens, be sure to unplug the garbage disposal, and call a professional.

A second problem often seen, is clogs. The clog may be caused by grease, dirt, or fibrous tissue. Using a chemical drain cleaner, can actually do damage to the garbage disposal. Professionals have products that can be used in your drains. There is a possibility they will have to clean, the P trap. At times, a snake needs to be used on the line.

Sometimes we may not be thinking of the amount of food, we are putting into the disposal. When overloading it, the disposal have to work hard. Garbage disposals have a feature, of shutting down automatically. This happens to prevent overheating, which can happen when it has to work hard. If the disposal shuts down, hit the reset button to try to turn it back on. If this fails to work, call a professional to assist you. There can be possible electrical problems.

A leaking garbage disposal, is another problem seen. There can be different reason for this happening. Some of them include loose screws, ruptured pipe, problems with the putty, or the connection to the dishwasher. The gasket could possibility be damaged. The discharge drainpipe may have issues. It may be broken or cracked. Whatever the reason is, it should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage. If you cannot find the leak, or fix it, call a plumber.

Calling a Professional to Help You

With some of these situations, the garbage disposal can be repaired. Sometimes they are beyond repair, and need to be replaced. The disposal may be old and worn out, and just time to replace the machine. No matter what the reason, a professional can be helpful. With trying to have time for your job, and family, it may be hard to find time for this job. You possibly do not have the skills. No matter the reason why you cannot do it, there are advantages to hiring a plumber. They have experience, and will be able to find the real cause of the problem. If there are any other problems, they will be able to spot them. A professional will also give you a guarantee that is done right.