Dual Water Heater Installation in Rowlett

Rowlett Water Heater Repalcement

Dual water heater installation in RowlettWe installed these water heaters for a family of seven in Rowlett. Water heater tanks will eventually start to leak which is why it’s important to have a drip pan underneath. The drip pan will obviously prevent a small water heater leak from affecting your floor, but it allows you to know when you have a leak. In that event it’s important to get your water heater replaced as soon as possible. A small leak means there’s rust or other damage to your tank. If that leak isn’t fixed, the base of the tank will eventually burst and spill gallons of water that can potentially cause damage, mildew and mold in your home.

Compass & Lantern Plumbing Solutions in Rowlett can quickly and inexpensively replace your water heater if it’s leaking or has stopped heating your water. If you don’t choose us, we highly recommend hiring a professional plumber for any water heater repair or replacement because it can be a messy endeavor. If you don’t drain the water heater, cut of the water at the correct location or handle a number of other things correctly your DIY water heater replacement can turn into a messy and potentially damaging endeavor. However, we’ve linked a video that shows you how to replace your water heater yourself.

If you have any questions about your water heater’s health, give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have over the phone, come out for an inspection or replace your water heater if necessary. With 25+ years of experience and minimal overhead, we can replace your water heater efficiently and for less cost than other plumbing companies.