rowlett professional plumber fixing a toilet

Summertime brings a lot of fun and exciting family activities. Barbecues, pool parties and backyard fun all provide hours of activity and often involve friends and neighbors. Eventually everyone has to use the bathroom and no one admits to who clogged up the toilet. At some point the kids soak through all the pool towels and you have to pile them into the washer and set it on large load, for maybe the tenth time this summer.

Aunt Sue just can’t seem to yank the potato skins from the gurgling kitchen sink, but she insists it is not a big problem. All of these seemingly small problems can become intense in the sticky Garland heat of summer. While summer may be a time of relaxation, it does not give us a break from household wear and tear. Spend a little time learning what you can do to prevent certain problems from reoccurring in your precious home. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, quickly schedule an appointment with a local plumber.

Laundry Troubles
Two of the most used appliances during the sweaty summer months are the family’s washing machine and clothes dryer. The gas or electric washing and drying team put in a lot of extra work throughout the hot summer days in Rowlett. Just imagine how many dirty, sweaty clothes your family produces in the summer. Towels caked with mud, tank tops soaked in sweat and shoes covered in dirt are all tossed in the washing machine without a second thought.

The extra dirt, thick leaves and the occasional forgotten pocket rock, often disrupt the washer’s cycle. Clogs in the machine are tricky to fix, prolonging your laundry duties even further. Shoe laces also hold responsibility for many broken dryers, their thin strings get caught in the inside of the machine and halt it to a stop. It is important to turn off the machine as soon as you notice it is not operating properly. Plumbers can offer reasonably priced maintenance on your valuable machinery.

Helpful Tip: Clean out pockets and throw out rocks, leaves and other debris before washing clothing. Tie shoelaces in a bow, or remove them before drying sneakers.

Sink Stoppers
Outdoor barbeques and kids birthday parties can invite a lot of hungry guests to your home. Everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful Rockwall atmosphere. Company requires food, and a lot of it in a short amount of time. Often, when rushing around, we forget the little things. We may inadvertently toss a chunk of food or a stray watermelon rind down the kitchen sink. Throughout the evening beer caps, plastic ice-pop containers and other objects end up swirling down your drain pipes. Eventually, the foreign objects are going to cause a clog in the drain.

Even if you are lucky enough to have a built in garbage disposal, it is not fool proof. Many hard objects are tossed down the disposal and the blades never fully break the food apart. This leaves chunks of debris and rotten food in the confines of your sinks piping. The disposal should be cleaned out by a professional from time to time.

Fixing your kitchen sink can be a very messy job and it is difficult to figure out on your own. While you might be able to save a small amount of money by doing it yourself, the risks outweigh the benefits. Instead of risking damage to your stainless steel sink, call a plumber for help. He can have the sink operating smoothly in a few hours or less.

clogged drain

Helpful Tip: Turn the faucet temperature to cold and run the water for 2 minutes before utilizing the sink disposal system. Avoid throwing watermelon rinds and corn cobs down the drain. Refrain from dumping instant food down the drain. Water makes it expand and it could lead to pipe damage.

Toilet Problems
An influx of guests, especially the little ones can cause an increase in bathroom traffic. Small children are big fans of using clumps of toilet paper and often forget to flush. Often, the toilet is not able to handle such a large amount of toilet paper, and ends up overflowing. Toilets hold toxic materials, it is not recommended that you attempt to clean the toilet out by yourself. If a plunger is not helping unclog the toilet, look for a a plumber to help.

Helpful Tip: Teach your child to wrap a small amount of toilet paper around their hand to avoid over usage. Suggest that they seek an adult to help if they feel the toilet will not flush.

Sewage Lines and Sprinkler Systems
The warmth of Spring and Summer produces beautiful new growth. Bright, colorful flowers, lush green grass and cute chirping birds. Notice any new trees or deep weeds around your home or backyard? These lush, green plants can wrap their resilient roots around your piping systems and hold on tight. A root that grasps onto your sewage line can block the flow, or even cut right through the pipe. It is best to address this problem before it grows into a nuisance. Sewage lines are vital to your home and become costly if the roots become more tightly entwined.

Sprinkler systems are beneficial to your yard. They help your grass and flowers grow beautifully. Be sure to maintain the systems twice a year. Clean the sprinkling system’s heads out and be confident that they are in proper working condition before using them.

Helpful Tip: When spring hits, walk around your landscape, yank out stray weeds and be mindful of new tree growth.

Soak in the Summer Fun
While there are quite a few problems around the house to deal with, they can usually be resolved with the help of a reputable plumber. Pay extra attention to roots growing around your property. Try to plan ahead when washing clothes or preparing meals. If there is a snag in the line, or clog in the drain, take a break and look for a good plumber. Reserve your Summer days for barbecues and pool parties.